Far away past the rolling hills and green glen lay a beautiful pond. The pond was home to many animals such as frogs and fish and turtles and ducks. One such duck family had seven little ducklings who always got into trouble. The seventh ones name was Platypus. Platypus didn't look like his brothers and sisters. He seemed smaller uglier than the rest. "Platypus!, you look silly" the other ducklings would shout and they would splash him till he went off on his own. "Why do they always pick on me!" said Platypus, "It's not my fault I don't look like them!" Platypus would go off to the other side of the pond and visit with his friends the toad and turtle. As he swam he would bellow a hello to all the creatures he would meet. "Hello goldfish!" he would say, "hello dragonfly" "how are you mr. alligator..."Mr. Alligator!" he cried not realizing he had stumbled into the midst of Bumble, the terror of the pond. Luckily Bumble was asleep as Platypus waddled by. Bumble was notorious for invading the ponds habitats and stealing ducklings. Platypus breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards the home of toad and turtle. When he got there they were sitting, sunning themselves. "Hello Platypus!" said turtle, "it's a lazy day and we're just doing nothing." "Yep" said toad, "a lazy day." Platypus explained how he had gotten away from the other ducklings becuase they made fun of him. "Well, you have to admit you don't look like your average duck!" said toad. "I can't help it!!" yelled Platypus. "I heard that a new family is moving into the pond" said turtle, "and they're a little strange." "When will they be moving in?" asked Platypus. "Tomorrow" said toad. "I must prepare, oh joy!: said Platypus and he scurried home. When morning came, Platypus hurried to the side of the pond where the new family was moving in. "Oh!" said Platypus as he caught sight of the family. He swam over to say hi. "Oh look!, it's one uf us!" said the mom of the family. "You look like me!" said Platypus. "Of course" said the dad of the family, "we are all platypus." "That's my name!', said Platypus. "Let me explain something to you son" said the dad platypus. "You are called Platypus because you are one!" This was a shock to Platypus. I'm a duck!" said Platypus. "No, you're a platypus, we are the protectors of the pond" said dad platypus. This made Platypus feel very important. There job was simple, get rid of the evil Bumble the alligator. They would do this the next morning. Platypus would show the other duckling brothres and sisters or in reality his step brothers and sisters how important he really was. Platypus rushed home to tell his wonderful news to the ducklings. "You're crazy!" said one of the ducklings. "You're making up the story becuase you want to be important" said another duckling. "I'll show you tomorrow!" said Platypus and he went to bed. The next day all the platypus from the new family and Platypus assembled in the middle of the pond. All the ducks as well as everyone else was shocked. Platypus looked exactly like the new family. Platypus walked to the front of the family and said, "We platypus will rid the pond of Bumble the alligator." The crowd gathered cheering as the Platypus setout to rid the pond of Bumble. not half a mile from the crowd, the platypus heard a scream. They ran back to the village and saw Bumble terrorizing them. Bumble had one of the ducklings cornerd and was about to eat him. The platypus all clasped hands and ran forward towards Bumble. As they got within feet of Bumble they all screamed real loud. Bumble turned around, eyes buldging and let out a scream and ran and ran till he fell off the earth. The ponds inhabitants let out a yell "yeh!" From that day on Platypus would never be made fun of again and was always known from that point on as Platypus The Duck!